The Florida Keys
—what’s not to love about the Florida Keys? One word simply describes the Keys and that is: Paradise!  Year round paradise that is! One look at the clear turquoise waters and you will fall in love with the Keys.

key-west-848209_960_720There is something for everyone living in the Keys. My personal favorite is the fishing utopia that is right at our back door. Fish the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or take a quick boat ride to the Atlantic side where highly sought after large game fish reside year round.

The coral reefs located just off-shore are a real hit with divers and snorkelers alike. Other activities include kayaking and wind kite surfing.

Land activities includes biking the overseas trail that runs the entire length of the keys, from Key Largo to Key West.  Speaking of Key West, come and experience the famous Key West nightlife. There is always some festival, bike or run event, fishing tournament, parade or other activity going on—so check your calendar.

Why buy now in the Keys?
We have a growing market that does not appear to be slowing down anytime in the foreseeable future. There are only roughly 3,000 additional building permits that are scheduled to be awarded for the next several years. Once they are awarded that will be it—no more building. As a result, a limited supply of existing housing and rental properties will have a higher demand and an accompanying higher sales price.

When the Cuba relationships with the U.S. are fully restored, this may well result in a higher demand for local properties as the Florida Keys are the logical place for a quick hop between the two nations.

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Why sell now in the Keys?
Prices have been trending up. They have been since the real estate market crash of 2008. Although we are not quite yet at the market highs seen during 2005-2006, we are fast approaching them. Now might be a great opportunity for selling your Keys property. It is much better to sell during an appreciating market rather than chasing a market in a downward trend.

Several real estate markets are softening throughout other parts of Florida (and the country for that matter), so re-buying is much easier and profitable.

Listing with Sunrise FL Keys Realty, Inc. will insure that your property will be marketed with the right approach to get your property sold for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. We are a results-driven company.

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